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People are choosing to move to Kenosha County for its high quality of life, great location next to two major cities, relatively low cost of living, abundant job opportunities, high performing schools, amazing amenities, and to be a part of the tremendous growth happening here.

Hear from some of those people in the videos below.  People who have chosen to live here and call Kenosha home.  And are so glad they did!

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The Pederson Family

Being able to live their passion for sailing, have their kids in a innovative charter school and jobs they love right here in town are what the Pederson appreciate most about their life in Kenosha.

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Roy was amazed at how welcomed he was in Kenosha.  Neighbors, colleagues, everyone welcomed him and his family with open arms and now he is telling everyone he knows that they need to move to Kenosha too.

welcome to kenosha, life balanced kenosha county, kenosha county jobs


Jessica loves living in a downtown condo and having a three minute commute to her job at a major corporation just miles away.  Being able to jump on her bike and ride along the lakefront within minutes of the end of her work day isn’t so bad either.

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The Dufek Family

For the Dufeks, living in Kenosha means more time doing the things they love with the ones they love.