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Village/Town of Somers

Somers' location between Racine and Kenosha, and more broadly, between Milwaukee and Chicago, means it is strategically situated for business. Industrial tenants big and small as well as small business and retail are choosing to locate in here and make it their base of operations.


Village/Town of Somers

The Village/Town of Somers is a community that is evolving rapidly. Community leaders have taken steps to make development a priority while still striving to maintain their high quality of life and small-town sensibility. They have welcomed several new companies to town in recent years, and just north of Somers is where Foxconn is building its large manufacturing complex.


Square feet of industrial development added in the last two years


Percent of population in labor force, aged 16+

New companies, investment mean new developments, amenities

The retail, housing, healthcare, hospitality and education sectors are all on the rise

Close to 1,000 units of multi-family housing have been built in the Kenosha Area within the last three years with another 900 units under construction. Both hospital systems in Kenosha County have major expansions underway and several new providers are expanding here. Three hotels are under construction, including a $25 million renovation of a historic building in Downtown Kenosha into an 80-room boutique called The Stella. Now that's growth.

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Village/Town of Somers

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Did you know?

Berryville is a residential and business community located in the town of Somers, Wisconsin along the intersections of Kenosha County Highway A (7th Street) and Highway 32 (Sheridan Road). The community was named for the proliferation of strawberry farms in the area. The Berryville School was a community fixture into the 1980s, when it was demolished for new housing.

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Village/Town of Somers

Leaders of Somers have recently intentionally set about pursuing industrial development by adding the ability to use Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) and by actively promoting the community as a great place to do business. The effort has paid off and its first major industrial park - First Park 94 - broke ground in 2015. Its tenants join a roster of a growing number of great companies that call Somers home.

Kenosha Area Business Alliance

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The Kenosha Area Business Alliance is an inspiring initiative to build Kenosha County's economy and strengthen its community by supporting the expansion of businesses, bringing about new opportunities, attracting new talents, and connecting all aspects of the county from its digital to physical attributes.