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Village of Salem Lakes

The Village of Salem Lakes is a growing community that is has added several businesses to it's roster of companies in recent years. It's employers appreciate being located in such a picturesque community with a high-quality workforce.


Village of Salem Lakes

In the last two years, the Village of Salem Lakes has made some major changes. In 2017, the Town of Salem and the Village of Silver Lake merged to create the Village of Salem Lakes. It also developed, in conjunction with the Kenosha Area Business Alliance, a new 65-acre business park, called the Salem Business Park. The development, supported by tax increment financing (TIF) accommodates large and small users with sites ranging from two to ten - or more - acres. Salem Lakes has grown into a village that has the investment to create a desirable community, while still maintaining its small town feel.


Acres currently available in the new Salem Business Park


Growth in land area from recent merger

Top Ten Largest Employers


1. Lotus Light Enterprises
2. Amorim Cork Composite
3. Vonco Products
4. The Village of Salem Lakes
5. Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated Grade School District
6. Camco Precision Machining, Inc.
7. Computer Technologies, Inc.
8. Community State Bank
9. Salem School District
10. CCI/Cadre Communications, Inc.

“Manufacturing in Wisconsin is a long term competitive advantage.”

– Keith Smith, President, Vonco Products